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  1. Whiz kid's $300,000 computer scam
  2. Seinfeld ad branded a dud for Microsoft
  3. Latest Gates And Seinfeld Ad Hopes To Connect With Regular People - CRN
  4. Proxy server trail leads FBI to Palin email hacker - TG Daily
  5. Collider to Be Stalled for 2 Months - New York Times
  6. The Google Android Phone's Big Premiere - BusinessWeek
  7. Nintendo adding camera and music playback to new DS - GamePro.com
  8. Space Station's Toilet Breaks Down, Experiences Power Glitch - AHN
  9. Texas temperatures in 70s and 80s expected - Houston Chronicle
  10. Microsoft Introduces Windows 7, Ending Vista Brand - New York Times
  11. Florida teen kills self in front of live webcam - Reuters
  12. Finally, urine recycler passes astronauts' test - The Associated Press
  13. No escaping Britney Spears: 2008's top searches - CNET News
  14. Wikipedia is censored - BBC News
  15. Microsoft releases first iPhone app - CNET News
  16. Yahoo, Not Google Moves Search Data Match Closer to an Endgame - eWeek
  17. One ISP says RIAA must pay for piracy protection - CNET News
  18. Windows 7 Leaked To The Internet - InformationWeek
  19. Microsoft's Official Fix for Failing Zunes - PC World
  20. Windows 7 Beta: Should You Try It? - PC World
  21. Microsoft postpones Windows 7 public beta - Computerworld
  22. Taking the plunge into Windows 7 - Houston Chronicle
  23. Apple could face lawsuits over Jobs - Reuters
  24. Steve Jobs may be facing surgery to remove pancreas - report - Apple Insider
  25. Sony Ericsson Posts $245 Million Loss - InformationWeek
  26. Europe launches antitrust attack on Microsoft over web browser - Financial Times
  27. Warming in Antarctica Looks Certain - New York Times
  28. Happy 25th anniversary, Macintosh computers - Comic Book Resources
  29. Google gets competitive, taking Gmail users offline - Computerworld
  30. Google Glitch Labels Internet as Malware - PC Magazine
  31. Google’s flub: Do we have a Web monoculture too? - ZDNet
  32. Projection: IE’s Days of Domination Are Numbered - PC World
  33. Google Earth's latest realm is under the sea - San Francisco Chronicle
  34. US and Russian satellites collide - CNET News
  35. Debris falling in Texas, possibly from satellites - The Associated Press
  36. Pirate Bay trial begins in Sweden - VNUNet.com
  37. Proposed Child Pornography Laws Raise Data Retention Concerns - ChannelWeb
  38. Botched launch ends satellite's mission - Reuters
  39. Windows 7 Gets Pre-Release Makeover - InformationWeek
  40. Footprints offer clue on path to modern man - Philadelphia Inquirer
  41. Why Intel is sharing its secret sauce - CNNMoney.com
  42. US Stem Cell Funds Freed; Md. Debates Its Own - Washington Post
  43. Apple's App Store: How Much Is It? - BusinessWeek
  44. Nintendo President Reveals Company Strategies, Wii Storage at GDC - PC World
  45. Sneak Peek at Skype for iPhone, Available Tuesday - PC World
  46. Mobile Skype: The End of Cellular As We Know It - NetworkWorld.com
  47. Ice bridge ruptures in Antarctic - BBC News
  48. 'Sims' and 'Spore' creator leaves EA - USA Today
  49. Ashton Kutcher leaves Oprah atwitter - Reuters
  50. AT&T's 1Q Net Down; But IPhone Drives Wireless - Wall Street Journal
  51. BlackBerry Overthrows Apple iPhone in First Quarter - eWeek
  52. Activision confirms DJ Hero peripheral pics are real deal - GamePro.com
  53. Craigslist cuts 'erotic services' section - San Francisco Chronicle
  54. GPS Could Fail Next Year, Warns GAO - InformationWeek
  55. Mars projected to collide with Earth - Register
  56. NASA fuels space shuttle Endeavour for launch - Reuters
  57. Fallout publisher scoops up classic Doom/Quake developer - CNET News
  58. What drives Steve Jobs? - CNET News
  59. MySpace suicide conviction tentatively dismissed - Reuters
  60. Microsoft: Bing needs to improve when news breaks - CNET News
  61. VLC 1.0 now available
  62. More pics and video of Sony Ericsson Android phone leaked
  63. British Royal family now on Twitter
  64. Upcoming Android updates to include 'sweeter' names
  65. YouTube to drop Internet Explorer 6 support
  66. New site converts torrent files into PNG image files
  67. Guns N' Roses pirate to participate in anti-piracy PSA
  68. Project Natal tech for more than gaming, says Gates
  69. Google expects YouTube to be profitable soon
  70. The Pirate Bay will become a pay site
  71. Sony Ericsson reports fourth consecutive quarterly loss for Q2
  72. UMG and TuneCore ink deal
  73. Spotify, "the music piracy killer", is expanding to U.S.
  74. Early specs leaked on first LG Android phone
  75. Kazaa relaunches
  76. Western Digital releases first 1 TB notebook hard drive
  77. Pirate Bay acquisition is likely dead
  78. Joel Tenenbaum is guilty of copyright infringement
  79. Joel Tenenbaum fined $675,000 over copyright infringement
  80. Sony PS3 manufacturing costs have dropped 70 percent since launch
  81. Online movie watching continues strong growth
  82. New rumor again points to August PS3 price cut
  83. OCZ releases 1TB SSD
  84. PlayStation 3 production doubles
  85. Microsoft killing Xbox 360 Pro?
  86. Games for Windows Live 3.0 now available
  87. uTorrent 2.0 beta released
  88. iPhone jailbreaking on the rise
  89. iTunes 9 to bring Blu-ray support, iPhone App management?
  90. Toshiba applies to join Blu-ray Disc Association
  91. Microsoft blocked from selling Word
  92. Console price cuts will not spark sales, says analyst
  93. Most Tweets are "pointless babble," says study
  94. PS3 stock running low in Japan, UK, says Pachter
  95. Porn producers sue South Korean pirates
  96. Sony goes all out at GamesCom: Slim PS3, Firmware 3.0 and price cuts
  97. Netscape creator launches new web browser
  98. Pirated software distributors get jail time in China
  99. Linux users prefer Google over Bing
  100. The Pirate Bay is back, after Swedish take down
  101. Nintendo puts more pressure on DS pirates
  102. LG's first AMOLED TV goes on sale in November
  103. Creative launches new touchscreen ZEN X-Fi2
  104. Protect against malware by running suspicious software safely
  105. Philips shows off 3D 21:9 HDTV
  106. Some video games can train working memory, which is 'vital' to lifelong success
  107. Netgear launches new EVA2000 digital set-top box
  108. Music pirate gets suspended sentence in Australia
  109. Vivid Entertainment wants to distribute porn on PSN
  110. Toys 'R' Us starts video game trade-in program
  111. Senator Harkin promises probe of mobile phone-cancer risks
  112. New Smashing Pumpkins album to be released free, with 44 tracks
  113. Sony ramps up anti-piracy efforts in South-East Asia
  114. California to ban energy-hungry HDTVs?
  115. HP and Dell make 3D notebook orders
  116. WTO film, music decision appealed by China
  117. Motorola to release ten Android phones within the next year?
  118. JVC offers 1080p pocket camcorder in Japan
  119. SD Association to show off SDXC at CEATAC 2009
  120. Tech giants form group for mobile HD interface development
  121. Microsoft launches holiday Elite bundle for US
  122. Toshiba introduces first Cell-powered HDTV
  123. 'Whatever' is most annoying English conversation word, says poll
  124. Sony sued over PS3 firmware update
  125. French presidency accused of piracy, again
  126. Mitsubishi shows off 155-inch OLED HDTV
  127. YouTube employees uploaded unauthorized content?
  128. Windows 7 boots slower than Vista?
  129. Wal-mart begins selling used videogames
  130. Dell shows off Adamo XPS, thinner than 'Air'
  131. Windows 7 boots slower with iolo software installed
  132. Judge shoots down RIAA request to sanction New York lawyer
  133. 'Family Guy' creator and Microsoft team up for Win 7 promotion
  134. 250GB PS3s coming next month
  135. Two Dungeons & Dragons pirates settle suits
  136. Barnes & Noble e-reader gets leaked
  137. PS3 to get Netflix streaming through BD-Live
  138. Netflix on Wii deal within 12 months, says Pachter
  139. Nintendo unveils DSi LL with larger screen
  140. Prolific warez scene group retires
  141. Microsoft performs another round of Xbox Live account banning
  142. Google buyout results in $1.6 million third quarter loss for On2
  143. Barnes & Noble sued over Nook e-reader
  144. Steve Jobs is the "CEO of the Decade"
  145. Amazon, Disney, Pixar start deep Blu-ray promotion
  146. iPhone app developer sued for 'stealing' user's numbers
  147. Blu-ray 'Managed Copy' to start in December, lacking hardware support
  148. Anyone can have their name in the credits of 'Paranormal Activity'
  149. Google Chrome OS coming next week?
  150. Xbox Live Gold free for the weekend
  151. PS3 is firmware upgradeable to 3D
  152. 'Zombieland' director speaks of piracy, gets angry via Twitter
  153. YouTube blocking use of native video API on some devices
  154. Rich? Buy the iPhone 3GS Supreme for $3 million
  155. Wii controls female console market, says Nintendo
  156. Six TV makers charged with creating CRT cartel
  157. BSA doubles reward for snitches
  158. YouTube to stream TV episodes, for a fee?
  159. Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace adds digital pets
  160. Wal-Mart starts Wii promotion
  161. Sony will release FIFA 2010 World Cup on 3D Blu-ray
  162. 'Hulu for magazines' to be announced tomorrow
  163. Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2000 support ends next year, reminds Microsoft
  164. Dell shows off cheap ultraportable
  165. U.S. videogame sales fall again in November
  166. AMD collects $1.25 billion check from Intel
  167. 'Twilight' cam piracy case tossed out
  168. 'Inglourious Basterds' available via mobile phones, says Universal
  169. 'Lord of the Rings' officially headed to Blu-ray in April
  170. Sony mulling PSN monthly fees?
  171. Video Daily: Apple is 'brand of the decade'
  172. FBI arrest alleged 'Wolverine' workprint uploader
  173. Review: Vevo, the label owned online video service
  174. DRM ruins German showing of 'Avatar'
  175. iPhone controls almost half of Japanese smartphone market
  176. Snow slows debut of 'Avatar'
  177. Microsoft sued over 'Bing' name
  178. Review: Lite-On iHOS104 - a budget BD-ROM drive
  179. LG announces 2.6mm thick LCD panel
  180. Video Daily: HP webcams are 'racist'
  181. Amazon, Best Buy start Xbox 360 promotions
  182. UK 'three strikes law' will cost taxpayers £500 million
  183. 'Avatar' surpasses $1 billion mark
  184. Bono hopes movie industry can avoid fate of music industry
  185. Sony accidentally releases 'Armored' via PlayStation Store, for free
  186. VidZone is now largest music video streaming app in the world
  187. Video Daily: Skype HD headed to LG, Panasonic HDTVs
  188. Finnish label will not sign more artists until piracy stops
  189. Porn industry pushing MicroUSB?
  190. VESA updates DisplayPort interface to version 1.2
  191. Wii finally to get Netflix streaming
  192. 'Nokia Supreme' costs £99,995
  193. New iPhone will include better camera, touch-sensitive casing
  194. Lexicon rips off Oppo Blu-ray player
  195. Texting in the U.S. raises $11 million for Haiti relief
  196. France also warns against Internet Explorer use
  197. PlayStation 3 security finally cracking?
  198. Internet Explorer 9 will feature tabbed browsing upgrades
  199. Chrome OS, browser, will have own media player
  200. 'Avatar' is highest grossing film of all-time
  201. Ubuntu makes deal with Yahoo for default search engine
  202. Ubisoft to link games to web access to fight piracy
  203. Geohot releases PS3 exploit
  204. Zune phone 'confirmed' for MWC event
  205. iPad will ship with camera?
  206. Original Xbox Live to close in April
  207. Sharp and Samsung settle LCD patent disputes
  208. Google starts phone support for Nexus One
  209. Android market share continues to grow at fast pace
  210. TV shows to cost $1 for iPad owners through iTunes?
  211. Veoh heads into bankruptcy
  212. Windows Mobile 7 expected on Monday
  213. iTunes approaches 10 billion song downloads
  214. Video game sales crash in January
  215. NES with 'Stadium Events' sells for $13,000
  216. PS3 firmware update 3.20 to include 3D video output option
  217. Video Daily: The introduction of Windows Phone 7 series
  218. Sony warns of upcoming PS3 hardware shortages
  219. New Boxee Beta fixes over 500 bugs
  220. Google donates $2 million to Wikimedia
  221. Sony prices Torne PS3 DVR
  222. 'Assassin's Creed 2' DRM will require constant Internet connection
  223. Sony Ericsson rejected opportunity to build Nexus One
  224. Dear Google: Please end the Web's dependence on Flash, proprietary codecs
  225. FTC warns organiations, firms about P2P sensitive data leaks
  226. Simon Cowell signs letter urging UK Government to be tough on Internet pirates
  227. Just Cause 2 doesn't support Windows XP?
  228. Sony admits PSP Go 'confused' buyers
  229. iPod explodes in high school classroom
  230. Video Daily: New Helicopter blade reduces noise to almost silence
  231. College student told to pay $27,500 for unauthorized sharing of 37 tracks
  232. DEB copyright provisions do not excuse open WiFi
  233. Sony: PS3 bug fix within 24 hours, leave consoles off
  234. Fixed! Sony repairs PS3 glitch, gamers can access PSN again
  235. Windows 7 reaches 90 million in sales
  236. Valve games headed to Macs
  237. Opera sees downloads triple since introduction of EU browser ballot screen
  238. Microsoft Office 2010 'tech guarantee' plan now official
  239. Ubisoft DRM servers hit by DDoS attack
  240. Apple building 5 million iPads in first half of 2010
  241. Windows 7 SP1 coming in the Q4?
  242. OnLive cloud gaming service to launch in June
  243. Xbox 360 doesn't need Blu-ray, says Microsoft
  244. Microsoft working to patch serious Internet Explorer 6, 7 flaw
  245. Firefox 3.6 passes 100 million downloads
  246. Punish all the pirates, says James Murdoch
  247. iPad on sale via eBay for $21 million
  248. BioShock 2 DLC already present on game disc, fans say
  249. Dell sues 5 companies over alleged LCD price fixing
  250. Facebook was most popular U.S. site last week